Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Markets in Paris

There are hundreds around the city, but here are some favorites:

* Marché Raspail (6th) - organic and expensive. Sundays 9am-2pm. Métro: Rennes.
* Marché Bastille (11th) - the city's largest with a huge range of produce and specialty products. Thursdays 7:00-2:30. Sundays 7am-3pm. Métro: Bastille.
* Place d'Aligre (12th) - in addition to the indoor market, a sprawling outdoor market operates on Tuesday and Saturday morning. Métro: Ledru-Rollin.
* Marché biologique Batignolles (17th) - plenty of unusual produce that you won't find elsewhere. Saturday 9am-2pm. Métro: Rome or Place Clichy.
* Marché Place des Fêtes (19th) - brimming with immigrants and excellent produce at low prices. Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Métro Place des Fêtes

The market at Place d'Aligre is supposedly the oldest continuously running market in Paris. I love it on Saturday mornings. Matter of fact a lot of Aimée's action in Murder in the Bastille takes place on the streets surrounding it.


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