Tuesday, September 02, 2008

going to Paris

A quick note before I leave for Paris next week...I just got back from the great Decatur Book Festival outside Atlanta this weekend. I shared the van from the airport in with John Dean (the ex-Nixon aide who testified at Watergate) but I didn't catch his name and silly me kept asking 'now what do you write?' Evidently he writes 2 books a year and has gone to the radical Left...but
I shared a panel and the van back to the Atlanta airport with Louis Bayard, his partner and two sons. I can't wait to read his historical mystery on Vidocq, and he told me Vidocq long ago lived on rue Hirondelles, street of the swallows, in Paris. I'll go and check..

Sarah, my sweet and wonderful publicist also gave me the galley of Murder in the Latin Quarter that I now have in my hot little hand and can take to Paris...

I'll try to blog, at least once in awhile from Paris, when I find wifi!

a bientot


Blogger Unknown said...

Zut! Cara I would love to hear you talk about your books and Aimee, but I keep missing you. I checked your calendar for Paris, and sacre! the days I am there (Sept 19, Oct. 3, 4) are not the days you are speaking! One of these days we will cross paths.

I always take Aimee with me, or find her at the Red Wheelbarrow.

6:02 PM  

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