Friday, April 10, 2009

Paris Bookstore

Shakespeare and Company is an institution on the Left Bank with a lot
of history and connected to the birth of writers carreers ie. James Joyce, Hemingway, Laurence Durrell and the list goes on:

Leighton Gage and I will talk there on Monday May 11th upstairs. You reach upstairs by creaky, groaning wooden stairs dim lit and none too steady. You make your way, shifting sideways, past the bookcases and piles of books, a cat or two who scurries under your feet, careful not to step on a reader engrossed crosslegged on the floor. Even in May Paris can chill the bones and the sky turn leaden so the smell of damp wool overcoats lingers. But the warmth of too many bodies cramped on the little chairs in little more than a Balzacian like garret with a window behind it that overlooks Notre Dame is, mes amies, like joining history.


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