Friday, May 11, 2007

Stained glass in Paris and hot Toile de Joui

Here is the web site for my friend Gilles' stainglass workshop:

also, one of the hot things these days, the hot Toile de Jouï:

somebody just had to do it, Aimée would love it.

Areas of the 10th arrondissement worth visiting

of course there is always rowing on the canal on Saturday, eating on
the cobblestone along the Canal Saint Martin,
the reflection of the trees in the canal at night from the top of one
of the bridges, the less known canal boat trips that take you along the
gates, and the different ways the bridges go up to let the boat go
(sideways, upward), the funky bourgois boheme Chez Prune for a coffee,
the artistic studio next to Stalingrad, the fight of the heir of the
architect to keep the Stalingrad plazza has bad as it is now...


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